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Below are the walkthroughs for Rise of the Tomb Raider. The Challenge Tomb Walkthroughs are also below.

  1. Mountain Peak
  2. The Prophet's Tomb
  3. Siberian Wilderness
  4. Glacial Cavern
  5. Soviet Installation
  6. Abandoned Mines
  7. Geothermal Valley (First Visit)
  8. The Acropolis
  9. Geothermal Valley (Second Visit)
  10. Flooded Archives
  11. Geothermal Valley (Third Visit)
  12. Soviet Installation (Copper Mill Bridge)
  13. Research Base
  14. The Orrery 
  15. Path of the Deathless
  16. The Lost City
  17. The Chamber of Souls

Challenge Tombs

Coming soon:

  • Ice Ship Challenge TombGlacial Caverns
  • Ancient Cistern Challenge Tomb - Soviet Installation
  • Voice of God Challenge Tomb - Soviet Installation
  • Red Mine Challenger Tomb - Soviet Installation
  • House of the Afflicted Challenge Tomb - Geothermal Valley
  • Catacomb of Sacred Waters Challenger Tomb - Geothermal Valley
  • Pit of Judgement Challenge Tomb - Geothermal Valley
  • Baths of Kitezh Challenge Tomb - Geothermal Valley
  • Chamber of Exorcism Challenge Tomb - Lost City

DLC Walkthroughs

Coming soon:

  • Endurance Mode DLC
  • Baba Yaga:Temple of the Witch DLC 
  • Cold Darkness Awakened DLC
  • Blood Ties DLC
  • Lara's Nightmare DLC


Coming soon:

  • Controls
  • Guide to 100% Completion
  • Weapons and Gear Guide
  • Outfits/Skins (Unlockable and DLC)
  • Quick Guides to all Collectibles
  • Guides to Item Crafting and Skill Points
  • Guides to all Missions
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