Into the Fire

Escape the Solarii Compound

Climb up the platforms and ride another zip line. Climb up the craggy wall to enter the tower. A Solarii lobs an explosive towards you, which sets the tower on fire. Climb up the ledges, and up a craggy wall to escape.

Get to the Chopper

Cross the Bridges

Jump onto a zip line and you will land in front of the bridge. Mathais sends some Solarii to blow up the bridge and more to chase after you. Run towards the camera until an explosion knocks Lara all the way to the other side of the bridge. A Solarii grabs you, so wiggle the analog stick back and forth, following up with a well-timed press of the melee button.

Climb the Tower

Run and jump across the pieces of bridge that collapse under you. Lara falls into a tower and tries to warn the crew not to get on board the helicopter, but fails. Climb up the ledges and run around to the staircase. Jump across the gap to only crash through the wall and end up outside on a walkway. Run forward and leap over to the pole. Swing across and at the end of the walkway, climb the wall.

This leads to an opening, where Lara crashes back inside. Hop over to the staircase and carefully balance along the railing. Leap over to the hanging box and climb up. Make a jump over to the ledge to be back outside. Climb up the side of the tower, using the craggy wall when you run out of room. When you make it to the roof, Lara crashes to the walkway below. Run forward and leap at the end of the path. Roth catches Lara and pulls her in.

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