Lara bursts out of the Scavenger's Den, and you get a short opening scene. You then gain control of her:

Signs of Life

Search for Traces of the Other Survivors

Walk Lara down the narrow strip of land until she grasps ahold of a tree and looks below. She sees the lifeboat and wonders where the rest of her crew are located. Your goal now is to find them. Walk over to a tree suspended over a chasm, far below is water and rocks. Step carefully onto the tree and walk across it. On the way, Lara will slip, but she will not fall.

After you cross the chasm, go over to the ledge ahead and jump across to reach it. After Lara
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climbs up, follow the path around to see an old airplane snagged by trees and vines. It is suspended over a waterfall. Step out onto the wing and jump to grab a rung hanging off the plane. Quickly press Interact to hang on as Lara slips. When you have a firm hold, move up to continue climbing the plane. Then press Jump and Up to grab a higher handhold.

Keep climbing up and then around to the right, which leads you onto the wing. An on-screen prompt shows you how to jump across gaps. Press the left analog stick to the right or press the right direction key. Then press Jump.

Lara grabs a hold of the wing, but she slips again! Press Interact to hang on. Continue to climb to the right and a cutscene will kick in. The plane wing falls from the waterfall and Lara scrambles to safety just in time.

After Lara makes it to the other side, carefully walk around the narrow edge and wall scramble up the wall. Hop down to the clearing below. Sam's pack lays abandoned in the dirt. Lara calls for her and opens the pack. She finds Sam's camera, a pack of matches, and a Two-Way Radio.

Follow the Survivor's Trail

Leap over to the ledge ahead, but it crumbles and Lara drops into the Coastal Forest

Take Shelter from the Storm

Move forward and crawl under an overhang. Lara finds an abandoned camp site. She attempts to contact someone on the radio, uses the one match she found to start a fire, and she looks at a recording on Sam's camera.

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