A Road Less Traveled

Find a Way Back to the Mountain Village

Lara sees the pilot parachute over to the other side of the village. Start to run in that direction. Jump over to the banner and swing to the next
house. Use the ramp to reach the second floor and make a big jump to reach another house.

The village begins to come apart and Lara slides back downstairs. Just stay calm and make well-timed jumps and swings over to the next set of houses. She crashes in the house where the pilot landed, only to watch him be stabbed in the chest.

Dodge the Solarii Guardsman's attacks and shoot him in the back. Loot the bodies and collect the salvage. Jump over to another platform and you will find a camp. Rest and prepare for the next section

Regroup With Roth

As Lara climbs up the stairs, Roth checks in with her. At the top, she gets hung in a snare trap. Use you handgun to shoot the Solarii who charge your way. Then kill the one who zip lines down to you location. The camera spins around to the
pulley that's holding the snare trap up. Shoot it and drop to the ground. Lara picks up a rope, and combined with her arrows, this is pretty handy.

Fire a rope arrow (press the alternate fire button) into the support beam of a shack. Lara rips it down and the men inside die as well. More enemies begin to inhabit the shacks above. Use your rope arrows to pull them off the shacks, or you can pick them off with headshots.

Loot the bodies when it's over and fire a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped box to bring it closer to you.

Hop onto it and leap into the shacks ahead. Collect the salvage and go northeast to reach a post that sits next to water. Stand next to the post and look to the upper left. Fire a rope arrow into the coil that sits in the shack above the water rather than the area across from you. There is a food cache up there.

Drop down and follow the path to a rope-wrapped door. Shoot a rope arrow into it and follow the tunnel back to the Mountain Village and Roth.

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