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From the starting point, go forward and to the left to find a Bronze Reward under the stone archway. Continue through the archway and out the other side. Wade through the stream and climb onto the ledge.

Laying up here are some small boulders that Lara can kick around when you press Interact. There is no purpose to kicking these boulders except to practice the controls. You can also find another Bronze Reward ahead on the left, in a corner. Grab it and return to the pool.

Jump into the water and swim to the small ledge. Press Forward and Lara will climb out. A short cutscene will show you that Lara carries a PDA. Press Tab (Select/Back) to access it whenever you need to.

Stand facing the next ledge and jump straight up in the air. Lara will grab the ledge automatically. Jump again to pull up. Just ahead on the left is a large boulder. Move Lara close to it and press Interact to grab on. Move forward to push it off the ledge. Now take a running jump across the gap to the next ledge. Go over to the wall and grab the vine.

Climb up a bit and press over to the right. Hit Jump for Lara to leap into the air and grab the next vine.

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