Cry For Help

Find a Way Into the Bunker


Squeeze through the opening to find the first base camp. Lara will watch another video about her crewmates. When it's over, search to the east of the camp for a relic. Then look to the west for a GPS cache.

When you're done, move down the path and wait until the search light is turned away, and then you can eliminate the first man with a stealth kill.

Now take down the one to the left as his partner investigates something on the right. Do the same to the distracted man and then quietly take down another standing by the door.

Sneak into the building and you will find another unaware enemy in the room ahead. Kill him with a headshot. Move up the steps to find the two men who man the spotlight. From the top of the stairs you can take one out with a silent headshot, and kill another who's hiding behind a desk.

Search the balcony above the previous steps for a relic.

If two men never entered the building, go down the hall and use a distraction shot to kill them. Jump into the second floor of the structure and run around to the left for a GPS cache. Return to where you jumped in and scramble up the wall. Ride the zip line down into the next level.

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